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Public Access to the States’ Highest Courts: A Report Card (Jan. 2014) [779 KB PDF | related post]

Circuit Court Opinions

Circuit court opinions are an important state law resource, but most circuit court opinions are not freely available to the public in electronic form.  A variety of general, paid repositories exist:  Lexis and WestLaw, of course; the “Va. Cir.” reporter edited/curated by Professor Hamilton Bryson and owned by Lexis; and Virginia Lawyers’ Weekly.  None of these are inexpensive (although the public can access some of these resources at public law libraries or law schools).  None of these are free of restrictive terms of use and copyright assertions.

Only a few circuit courts offer electronic copies of their opinions on their websites.

Open Virginia Law is promoting increased access to circuit court opinions, with the hope of amassing sufficient content for a free database of circuit court opinions.  Please check back in the future.

Last updated: 4/21/2014