Open Virginia Law is a private, non-governmental issue advocacy effort started in 2013.  All opinions on this site are personal, and this site does not speak for any governmental entity, agency, or official.  Although Open Virginia Law may express support for certain policy proposals or positions, it does not endorse, support, or oppose particular candidates or political parties.

The mission of Open Virginia Law is to promote availability of the law of the Commonwealth of Virginia to the public in a free, accessible, useful format and to promote open government and better understanding of Virginia law.

Virginia has a number of excellent free legal resources, which we will commend and highlight.  Unfortunately, Virginia also has significant legal resources that are not freely available to the public and/or not easily accessible in a usable format; we will expose and, where possible, work to change that.  Along the way, we’ll provide occasional commentary and information related to open government and to increase public understanding of Virginia law.

We’d love to hear from you — write us at openvalaw AT gmail DOT com or interact with us on Twitter (@OpenVaLaw).