Monthly Archives: February 2015

Happy Crossover Day

Happy Crossover Day, fellow Virginians!  For any non-lawmaking junkies reading this post, “crossover”, which happens at the end of the day today, is the point after which each house of the General Assembly begins to consider only bills that have passed the other house.  It’s a key point in the General Assembly session calendar – it’s a deadline, because bills that haven’t passed the house in which they started can’t be considered further; and it’s a new beginning, because the work that helped bills pass one house now needs to be repeated in the other, from subcommittees to floor votes.

This post offers a couple of overall thoughts, and a few bill status updates, on this happy mid-Session occasion.

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Takeaways from a General Assembly committee meeting

Monday afternoon, the Senate Committee on General Laws and Technology met to plow through a number of bills, including several relevant to open government. This post discusses the danger to public safety that FOIA poses and other things the audience could have learned from this instance of legislative sausage-making.

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